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The Modular Resin Dryer RDL (hopper size up to 1.000 litres) is especially suitable for medium to large material throughputs (for throughputs from 30 to 500 kg/h).


  • Improved, state-of-the-art compressed air technology for lowest energy consumption
  • Guaranteed drying performance, due to constant, low dew point (throughout the year, in every weather, in every climate)
  • Applicable for all resins, including PET
  • Process air with - 25 °C dew point (if required a dew point of - 70 °C can be produced)
  • No chilled water needed
  • No minimum drying temperature
  • No moving parts
  • Maintenance free

Resin drying “Free of Charge”

The compressed air used to inflate bottles in an injection stretch blow moulding machine (ISBM) is of high quality and very low and constant dew point (-68°C). This air is then exhausted into the atmosphere without further use. The RDL-R resin dryer uses the exhaust air for material drying. Collecting the dry exhaust air this system assures continuous air flow and cost savings up to 80 % compared to conventional desiccant drying systems


Heat and energy Recovery

The RDL-C system receives its compressed air from a built-in compressor. This system offers the advantage of recovering up to 70 % of the energy needed to produce the compressed air . It is reclaimed in the form of heat and used to pre-heat the material. Additional there is the possibility of integrating a larger compressor to cover the compressed air requirements of one or more production machines as well.